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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Alegre Alpacas presented by Nora Weisenhorn - Colored alpaca fleeces: black, brown, fawn - Alegre Alpaca's Web site

The Bellwether presented by Amelia Garripoli - spindles, fiber and more!Find out more at:  The Bellwether's Web Site

BJS Fiber Creations presented by Barbara Seeler  -   BJ's specialty is Merino/Tencel 50/50.  She loves to spin, knit and wear the socks she makes and was on a 15 year quest to find a fiber for socks that would and could not be worn out by wearing.  When she found the 50/50 mixture she figured she should share it with others.  Couple that with her love of color and chemistry background and retirement business was born.  By the way, Barbara  guarantees that the 50/50 mixture will NOT wear out.  If it does (and no one has yet taken her up on this offer), she will replace the fiber for free.

She also sells hand-painted silk in a variety of forms, hankies, bells, roving, noil etc.  In addition to the dyed fibers, she have an extensive inventory of alpaca, wool/silk blends, wool/mohair blends.  Plant fibers include ramie, hemp, flax and cotton.  As an aside, if you like to spin cotton, she has 5 different naturally colored cotton fibers, with and deseeded. (she grew the cotton in California).

Chris Condrad presenting Kakishibu dye, book, kakishibu dyed items (including yarn and silk scarves), mohair roving, weaver's roving (mohair felted around a jute core), raw mohair and washed mohair locks.  The Kakishibu Web Site

Country Time Alpacas presented by Lesa Berdoy,   Alpaca: washed fiber ready for carding, rovings, fiber for felting, and some alpaca yarn.  Country Time Alpaca's Web Site

Graydown Alpaca Ranch presented by Steven & Karen Vanderwerff.  Steve and Karen are returning vendors from the last Spin-In. 

Marietta Shetlands from Bellingham – John Park & Tina Thomsen-Park -  Shetland fleeces, processed Shetland fiber.  We are sharing our booth with
WashingtonWooldotNet a Washington State co-op of fiber growers.  There may be angora, dorset, etc…  Web site: WashingtonWooldotNet

NW Handspun Yarns from Bellingham presenting Fiber, combs, drum carders, wheels, drop spindles, Schacht Cricket loom, Earthues dyes, Judith Mackenzie dyes and more!  Web site:  NW Handspun Yarns

RainShadow Farm presented by Marcia Adams.   Beautiful naturally dyed, blended and carded Coopworth Rovings for spinning and weaving.

Rosebud -  Stitchmarkers, cable needles, soaps, pendants presented by Rose Nerad

Heather Seevers: Yarn, boa's jewelry, drop spindles, buttons, shopping bags

Spincycle Yarns - for hand-dyed, hand-spun yarns and patterns. Find out more at Spincycleyarns.com

Wildrose Farm presented by Nanette Leaman.  Providing raw Wensleydale and Border Leicester and crosses of the 2 and processed wool too.  Find out more here


Kathy said...

Marietta Shetlands have some of the nicest Shetland fleeces I've seen or spun. I highly recommend anyone looking for superb fleece to see John and Tina. They are simply the best!

Scarlet said...

I'd like to be considered as a vendor for the 2011 Spin-In. Could someone contact me at huckleberryknits at gmail dot com with more information? Thank you!