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Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Abundant Library

Our guild has a great library. These books are available for loan to members in good standing. If you are interested, leave a comment and I will have our "Librarian" get hold of you.

21 Yr. Handwoven Index Interweave Press
220 Aran Stitches&Patterns Harmony
4H spinning and Weaving book county Extension
8-harness table loom one
900 Stitch Patterns
A Medieval Arts Afternoon Twitchell, Linda SCA
Adventures in Stitches Mariska, Kara
Alternatives to the Figleaf Wittenberg, B.
Art of Weaving Regensteiner
Ashford Book of Dyeing Milner, Ann
At Knits End, Meditations for Women that Knit Too Much McPhee, S.Pearl
Australian Locker Hooking Rough, Joan
backpack with Sheep to Shawl equipment
Big Needle Knitting
Box of Natural Dyes from Denise Guren
Braids Owen, Roderick
British Sheep Breeds
Card Weaving Crockett, Candace (2)
Card Weaving or Tablet Weaving Groff, Russell
Clothing from Hands that Weave Mayer, Anita
Color in Spinning Menz, Deb
Combs,Combs,Combs McFarland, Susan
Compendium of Finishing Touches Harvey?
Complete Book of Drafting VanderHoog, M.
Complete How-to Book of Indian Craft Hunt, W. Ben
Craft of hand Weaving Plath
Crafty Containers Walpole, Lois
Creative Spinning Weaving and Dyeing Anderson, B
Designers Guide to Color 1&2 Stockton
Designs of Chinese Indigo Batik Lu Pu
Double Knits Mellor, Zoe
drum carder one
Dye and Discharge King, Sara
Dyers Companion Klos, Dagman
Dyers Garden Buchanan, Rita (2)
Dyes from Lichens&Plants McGrath
Dyes from Plants Robertson
Essentials of Yarn Design Ross, Mabel
Farmer Brown Shears his Sheep Sloat, Teri
Fashions from the Loom Beard, Betty
Felted Knits Galeskas, Bev
Finishing Touches for the Handweaver West, V.
Fleece in Your Hands Home, Beverly
Folk Vests Oberle, Cheryl
Footpower Loom Weaving Worst (2)
Gentle Dyes Bracks & Higgins
Gossamer Webs,History of Orenburg Lace Shawl Khmeleva, Galina
Great Knitting in Vogue Probert
Guy Knits Interweave
Hand Cards 1 pr.
Hand Knitting Techniques Threads
Hand Woolcombing&Spinning Teal, Peter
Handspinners Book Hochberg, Bette (2)
Handspinners Guide to Selling Simmons, P.
Handspinning Fannin (2)
Handspinning Cotton Lindner, O. & H.
Handspun Treasures from Rare Wools Robson, Deborah
Handsweavers Pattern Book Davidson, M.
Handweavers Book Thorpe, Heather
Handwovens Design Collection, Gifts, outerwear, Dishtoles, Not for Beginners only Interweave Press
Harmony Guide to Knitted Stitches Harmony
Hip to Crochet Swartz, Judith
History of HandKnitting
Instuctiro Para Tenir con Grana Cochinilla Duemes
Key to Weaving Black
Knit Baby Head & Toes
Knit Emporium Sharp, Jo
Knit Literature Roghaar&Wolf
Knitted Embellishents Epstein,Nicky
Knitters Companion Interweave
Knitters Almanac Zimmerman
Knitters Book of Finishing Techni Wiseman, Nancie
Knitting Sunset Mag
Knitting and Crocher Hands, Gurien
Knitting Emporium Sharp, Jo
Knitting for Your Home Epstein, N
Knitting Goddess
Knitting in Plain English Righetti, Maggie
Knitting in the Old Way Roberts, P. Gibson
Knitting Lessons Nargi
Knitting Plus Stanley Montse
Knitting Rules McPhee, S. Pearl
Knitting Sutra Lydon
Knitting Without Tears Zimmerman, E
Latvian Mittens
Learning to Weave Redding, Chandler Debbie (3)
Legacy of the Great Wheel Turner, Katy
Linen Handspinning&Weaving Baines, Patricia
Loomette King Pattern Weaves Loomette
Loomette Weaves Loomete Studioa
Loop-d-Loop Durham
Louet Wheel one
Magic of Spinning Charming, M.
Maine Wool Woolies Rush
Mary Thomas; Knitting Book Mary Thomas
Merino Stove, Margaret
Mexican Tapestry Weaving Hall, Joanne
Mostly Mittens, Patterns from Russian's Kome People
Mushrooms for Color
Natural Dyeing Thresh
Natural Dyes Fereday
Natural Dyes&Home Dyeing Adrosko, Rita J.
Natural Plant dyeing Botanical Gardens
Naughty Needles Lohr, Nikol
Navajo Hope Weaving Pendleton
Needleweaving Dendel, Esther
New Pathways for SockKnitters Bordhi, Cat
No Idle Hands, Social History of Knitting in America McDonald, Anne L.
North American Dyes Bliss
Nuvisauik,Place Where We Weave Finkenstein
On Loom Card Weaving Gray, Herbi
Opening a Door to 2-Harness Tech Francisco, Irene
Passion for Knitting Thomas&Rubinowiz
Pictoral Weaving from Viking Age
Poems of Color, Bohus Tradition Keele, Wendy
Rigid Heddle Weaving Davenport
Rowan Knits Rowan
Rugs Johnson, M>E>
Sally Melville Styles Melville
Shawls and Scarves Thomas, Nancy
Simple Weaving Chetwood, Hillary
Simply Socks,45 Trad.Turkish Patterns Zilboorg, Anna
SnowFlakes Libbrecht, Kenneth
Songs from the Loom,Navajo Roessel, Monty
Spin Off Index Interweave
Spindle spinning Delaney, Connie
Spinformation Ronin, Colonel James
Spinners Companion Irwin
Spinning Designer Yarns Varney, Diane
Spinning for Softness and Speed Simmons, P.
Spinning&Weaving at Upper Canadian Village Spencer, Audrey
Step by Step Weaving Znamierowski (2)
Stitchery Marein, S.
Stitchery Idea Book Rush
Story Rugs Gottlieb, Dale
Sunset Leather Craft Book Allen, Davis
Sweaters from the Seaton Collection Seaton
Swedish Weaving Nye, Thelma
Tablet Weaving Golden Press
Techniques of Rug Weaving Collingwood, Peter
Textiles of Ancient Peru D'Harcourt, Raoul
The Magic Loop Hauschka, Sara
The Volor Star Itten, Johannes
Thrums from Weavers Kitchens Seattle Weavers Guild
Traditional Knitting Interweave
Turning Wool into a Cottage Industry Simmons, P.
Twisted sisters Sock Workbook Vogel, Lynn
Twisted Sisters, Knit Sweater Vogel, Lynn
Vegetable Dyeing Lesch
Warping on a Shoestring Sanders, Nadine (2)
Weavers Book Tidball, Harriet
Weavers Companion Interweave Press
Weaving Sunset Mag. (2)
Weaving Arts of N.Am Indian Dockstader
Weaving on a Frame Loom Skoy
WeavingSpinning Dyeing Beg Manual Hower
What Sheep Is That? Warmar, Mike
Wool Away (shearing) Bowen, F.
Wool Combs 2 pair
Yoga Knitters local knitter
Your Hand Spinning Davenport, Elsie
Zen&Art of Knitting

1 comment:

Linda B said...

The North Sound Alpaca Association is having a Fiber Show, in October of 2011. Would your guild be interested in doing a sheep to shawl demo for us at the show? Of course it would be alpaca to ???afghan???. We would provide the fiber. You could do the raffle, etc. We are looking to have lots of demos at the show.