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Saturday, March 27, 2010

How fun was it? ? ?

I thought I'd take you on my little walk around SPIN-IN 2010, so if you couldn't make it this year, you'd at least see how much fun we had.

The ladies from Sunset Fibers in Olympia brought many pretty things with them.

I am looking forward to spinning this pretty fiber.  I have two baby jackets to make before next fall.

My D.H. was glad to be able to visit with the Greydown Alpaca folks.  He wanted to show them the Shetland wool we had blended with a cria fleece he bought from them last year! 

They had very nice samples of items that would work nicely with their Alpaca yarn.

The Spincycle ladies were there with all their beautiful yarns.

The commons at Fairhaven Middle School is a large airy room.  We had two of the classes going on the stage and one on the floor directly in front. 

Heather's boas were quite the hit.

There were LOTS of spinning circles going on.

Nancy from NW Handspun Yarn brought lots of goodies. 

Lots of touching base with old friends

and visiting with new ones.

Wild Rose Farm from Whidbey Island had some beautiful fleeces available.  Ah, the sweet smell of newly shorn fleece. 

We had 14 vendors - you can see a list of them here

One of the spinning classes going on up on the stage.

There were lots of different fibers to see and feel.

Marsha Adams came with her colorful rovings

Keep going, there's lots more to see!

We welcomed The Bellwether - she had some beautiful spindles.

Chris Conrad had a fantastic display of her Kakishubu - persimmon dyes and yarns.

Last, but not least on my vendors tour was Marietta Shetlands,  our farm booth with lots of beautiful Shetland Fleece - of course, I might be just a little biased about that, I suppose.  Hi Honey, smile! 

We had over 100 participants for this year's Spin-In.  I think that everyone had a really great time -

They were practically dancing in the aisles! 

We had a great team working on the spin-in - thanks especially to Mel , Deb H., Troy and Julie on the planning committee.

And thanks also to our great class leaders - Nicki, Denise, Mary Ann, Linda, Ellen, Deb S., Margaret, & Meg - The classes were a big hit! 

See ya all next time!


Wynter said...

Thanks for hosting such a great event! This was my first fiber-related event and I had a great time. I even won some awesome alpaca from Graydown.

Linda B said...

Great pictures. Looks like a fun time.