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Saturday, August 28, 2010

NW Washington Fair Wool Show Review

The Wool Show had another successful exhibit this year with a whopping 157 entries along with 30 volunteer spinners and weavers providing a nearly continuous demonstration of the fiber processes we love to share.

Ferndale resident Kitty Drew provided fair goers with five sessions of spinning stories and demonstration, each day sporting a different ethnic or period costume. I hope you saw her picture on the front page of the B"ham Herald Saturday morning.

Janice Hartwell gave a Thursday evening rug hooking demo. to fair attendees, and Nora Weisenhorn fascinated many with her 1920's sock making machine Saturday morning.
Blue ribbon winners among the WWG and Spindrifter members (to the best of my knowledge) include: Louise Bayma, Oksana Brown (3), Chris Conrad (2), Debra Carpenter, Richard Harvey, Meg Jobe, Melissa Johnson, Yvonne Madsen (3), Cecilia Morales, April Muegge, Chris Paul, Heather Seevers (3), Sheri Ward, and Nora Weisenhorn (2).

Chris Conrad won Best of Class honors for both a mohair fleece and a handspun skein. Best of Show went to Chris Paul for her fine handspun saddle blanket. Heather Seevers was awarded both Judges Choice and Best of Division for her two fanciful boas.

Debra Carpenter won Best of Class for a handspun, handknitted shrug. Best Design and Best of Class were awarded to Pat Walker, a resident of The Willows assisted living apartments, for her beautiful pictorial hooked rug. Thanks to Chris Conrad, several residents there entered their work this year.


Many thanks to our volunteer spinners: Kathy Green Donna Starr, John Munroe, Gabette Andres, Tina Swanson, Joan Dudley, Jenni Jimmerson, Ann Marie Fjeld, Tamerron Underwood, Tina Thomsen-Park, Yvonne Madsen,

 Louise Bayma, Lynda Bylsma, Maryann Kelly, and Anna & Ella Robbins (teen spinners).....
and to our "administrative assistants" Margaret Magic, Oksana Brown, Chris Conrad, Gabette Andres, Sheri Ward. Joan Cunningham, and Kathy Hutchinson.

Many thanks to our volunteer weavers: Pat Fisher, Kathy Sano, Gina Saettone, Barbara Snow, Rosalie Nast (2 sessions), Maggie Weyers (2 sessions), and Sondra Rose......

Submitted by Marcia Ford, Wool Show Superintendent  (Thank you Marcia - you provided the perfect narration to my pictures!)

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