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Saturday, October 2, 2010

September meeting - what 's on your bobbin?

 Things were in full swing when I arrived Saturday morning to our guild meeting - Lots of happy voices, laughter and filtered sunshine streaming through into the big airy room at the church where we were meeting. 

It's been a while since I took some "bobbin shots"  

Keisha has been practicing her Navajo plying for this sock yarn. 

 The thing I like about taking bobbin shots is that there are all colors of the rainbow
 This was from a bump of Kathy Green's Potluck Roving.  It is so easy to spin and she has such nice colors. 

Blue & green - ocean colors seemed to be the colors of the day - 

But this brave soul was actually spinning some autumn colors

This is the roving that she was using.

  You may remember this "pile" of yarn from our December 2009 meeting.

It was to be woven into cloth to make a coat.

And here is the beautiful finished product!

I'm sorry the color in this picture is so funky but I wanted you to see the style of the coat -   It turned out so nicely.

And this yarn (called "Bubblegum") was destined for a fundraiser auction for a school. 

Hmmm - Do you remember the old bumper sticker - something about having to have a bake sale to fund a war...

And that's all there is - two dead batteries do not a camera run - but this gives you an idea of what everyone is working on.

Our next meeting is Saturday October 9 at Nancy's Farm, 2030 E Smith Rd.  Make sure you stop by! 

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