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Monday, September 3, 2012

NW Washington Fair Report

Guest editor - Marcia Ford - 2012 Wool Barn Superintendent

The 2012 NWFair Wool Show has come and gone.    We, again, had a very nice display of really high quality work, though the number of items submitted was down this year.(150 last year to 122)  Here are the blue ribbon winners who, I think, may be known to our spinning and weaving groups:

Blue ribbons -
Margaret Magic (2) for a bright woven scarf and a needle 
punched art piece.

Jenni Jimmerson, for her natural fiber, handspun lace knit shawl

Sheri Ward (3) for a green woven vest, blue stripe knitted socks and knitted, fingerless mitts

April Muegge,  a wool, blanket selvage rug.

Vanessa Muegge (April's daughter), (6) for a variety of well crafted and delightfully designed needle felted  pieces

Yuki Shepard (3) for her fine knitted green sweeter, green vest and gray hat

Tina Thomsen-Park, (2) for a charming crochet scarf, and fingerless gloves

Best of Division: 

A (fleece) Janet Maricle    
B (crafted from handspun yarn) Yvonne Madsen   
C  (crafted from commercial yarn)   Linda Landis  
G (felted from fleece) Grace Thompson, a gifted 17-year-old needle felter. 

Best Design - Yvonne Madsen, for a lovely natural brown sweater


Judges Choice - Laurel Bodenshot, for a fine, 3 piece, knit entry

Best of Class and Best of Show  - Yvonne Madsen, for her  magnificent gray, handspun, handknit lace shawl    



 Many, many thanks to you volunteer weaving and pinning demonstrators. And to Acceptance and Judging clerks Margaret Magic, Oksana  Brown, Gabette Andres and your new Wool Show Supt., Tracy Vandermay. Tracy was there from acceptance to take down and has a great idea of what's in store as she takes over.
    I have enjoyed my involvement with the Wool Show these past seven years.  It is a fine asset for the community, and a great opportunity for guild participation and outreach.


As I review this letter, I realize that I did not make note of the blue ribbon winners in handspun yarn.  There were just 8 adult entries this year, but I know there were blue ribbons. Please wave them high at your next gathering.  I'm very sorry for that omission.
     I am looking forward to being a volunteer and exhibiter next year and I invite all of you to join me.  And let's balance out all those wonderful knitted items with more weaving and handspun yarns!
    Thank you and best wishes,  Marcia Ford

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