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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meeting at the Bow Methodist Church

Because our guild area encompasses three counties, one month we meet on the south end of the area (in Skagit County) and the next month we meet on the north side (in Whatcom County)

We have been lucky that one of our guild members, Rocky L., belongs to the Allen United Methodist Church.  He has arranged for us to use their social hall and we make a donation to the church from our raffle funds.  In January though, we met in their very cozy library so we only had to heat the small room instead of the GREAT big room of the social hall.

It was tight, but we fit in just fine, and the fireplace really made it nice and warm. 

We had a double circle of fun!

Debbie was working on a very tightly crocheted hot pad.

Not quite matching striping yarn - but that's the fun of home made socks, eh?

Our next meeting in Bow is Saturday March 9 - everyone is welcome! 

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